Of the tools we have to fight Covid-19, disinfectants are the most commonly used. This is why production for disinfectants must follow rigorous procedures that ensure quality and efficiency. If you want to start selling disinfectant, you have to know the process for its industrial production, as well as the equipment needed. Here's a quick overview.

The importance of producing disinfectant in the fight against Covid-19

Disinfectants are the products most widely used to fight the pandemic, as they offer a substitute for washing hands with soap and water as recommended by experts. This is why high-quality production is important.

In terms of health, companies capable of producing large quantities of it should do so to help the population.

From an economic perspective, producing disinfectant is a smart business decision. Due to the current high demand, you simply have to be willing to take the plunge, and you'll surely find buyers. Nations, companies, practically all industries, and individuals are now customers for disinfectant manufacturers as they seek to protect themselves from Covid-19.

The manufacturing process for disinfectants

Having raw and manufactured materials are a must for obtaining quality disinfectant. The raw materials needed for manufacturing are stored beforehand. According to one of the manufacturing recipes, these may include:

●       Ethanol, the active ingredient

●       Glycerin, an agent for skin treatment

●       Propylene glycol, a preservative

●       Water purified by reverse osmosis for diluting

●       Frangrance

All of the raw materials are distributed in the appropriate quantities, and they are then mixed to obtain the finished product, which is poured directly into bottles.

The roles of different pieces of equipment

You need qualified personnel, products, and technical information in carrying out this process. Above all, though, you need the highest-performance industrial equipment. With this equipment, production can be almost entirely automated, reducing the risk of human error. Equipment needed for the production process includes:

●       Tanks: Used storage tanks protect raw materials from external contamination.

●       Pumps: These are used to distribute the product in the necessary quantities to then be channeled to the mixers. At the mixer outlets, the pumps distribute the finished product into bottles for sale.

●       Mixers: These devices are responsible for mixing the formulas thoroughly. There may be several mixing stages, especially for the active ingredients, before the final product with fragrance is obtained.

You simply need to find used tanks in good condition, used mixers at a reasonable price, and the most efficient industrial pumps available to ensure better disinfectant production. That way, you can join the fight against Covid-19.


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