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Carter-Wilson Equipment buys and sells all types of used industrial equipment throughout North America. Discover the benefits of buying from us, of selling your old equipment, and explore the diversity of our inventories.

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At Carter-Wilson Equipment, we strive to provide you with unparalleled customer service and the best prices. For more than 30 years, we have been expanding our network and becoming a leader in buying and selling used industrial equipment, including equipment for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics – and much more.


Our buyers know where to find what you’re looking for

We have a wide range of used industrial equipment in our inventory. Even so, you may not find what you’re looking for, but we know how to find equipment that will fit your needs.

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Want to sell? We’re buying

Do you need to get rid of your old equipment to make room and earn back some of your investments? Great, because we always want to increase our stock. If you have surplus equipment for sale, please let us know.

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Do you have surplus equipment for sale? Discover how Carter-Wilson Equipment can offer you the best price and help you transport your used equipment to our warehouse.



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Why buy used industrial equipment?

At Carter-Wilson Equipment, we offer three major advantages that distinguish us from our competitors: availability in inventory, low prices, and variety.

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Why sell us your used industrial equipment?

Your used industrial equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle for you. By selling it to us, you get paid and have logistical support to get it done quickly.

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What types of used industrial equipment does Carter-Wilson sell?

Carter-Wilson Equipement has an extensive inventory of products in more than 30 categories. We cover all aspects of manufacturing, mainly food, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

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To meet the demand for used industrial equipment across the continent, we’ve made a commitment to diversifying our inventories to meet real needs:

- Industrial sealer: useful equipment for packing or sealing.

- Industrial crusher: a machine used to grind food during the transformation process into an edible product.

- Industrial scale: tool for measuring weight.

- Industrial boiler: equipment for producing hot water and steam.

- Industrial centrifuge: machine used to separate solids from liquids.

- Industrial compressor: compresses air in order, then diffuse it under pressure.

- Industrial conveyor: this equipment makes it easy to move products in design from one stage of your assembly line to another.

- Industrial cyclone: ​​machine used for dusting.

- Industrial dust collector: machine used for dusting.

- Industrial heat exchanger: the purpose of this machine is making the heat exchange without altering the composition of substances in your production process.

- Industrial Fan: equipment that sucks up air, smoke, and fumes to keep the work area healthy.

- Industrial oven: high-capacity appliance for cooking food quickly and in large quantities.

- Industrial filter: this system filters air for dust, smoke, moisture, and harmful particles.

- Industrial granulator: a tool used to compact various substances in compressed forms.

- Industrial laboratory: complete installation for sampling and quality control tests.

- Industrial mixer: a device whose function is to homogenize your mixtures, whether your final product is liquid or solid.

- Industrial motor: equipment used to activate industrial devices.

- Industrial mill: this equipment is used to grind cereal grains into flour for food production.

- Industrial pulp and paper: machinery for the production of pulp and paper.

- Industrial pump: this machine transfers substances without risking modifying or corrupting them over their transverse course.

- Industria cooler: a device that injects cold or absorbs heat.

- Industrial filler: a device that fills containers on your assembly line or for your consumables.

- Industrial tank: storage units for your ingredients and materials used on your production line.

- Industrial blower: equipment used to blow air or material with force.

- Industrial dryer: tool used for drying during the production process.

- Industrial screen: this equipment is useful for retaining non-homogeneous residues responsible for loss of your products’ quality.

- Industrial coating turbine: automated coating machine for products.

- Industrial cooling tower: water cooling equipment used on a production line.

- Industrial lift table: table whose height can be adjusted.

- Industrial sieve: a tool for filtering granular impurities.

- Industrial valve: control piece for flows and their pressure.

List of our most popular brands

Industrial screen: Sweco, Kason

Industrial pumps: Waukesha & Sandpiper

Industrial mixers: Lightnin, Schold

Industrial mills: Quadro, Bauermeister, Schutte

Industrial filters: Perrin

Industrial boilers: Lee, Hamilton


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Earn back some of your investments

You have purchased equipment that has served you well, but you want to move on to the next generation? This necessarily involves getting rid of your old installations.

But they are still valuable. Since you may not have the expertise or time to sell them, it’s better to call us. We will quickly evaluate your equipment and make an offer so that you can free up space as soon as possible.

We’ll offer you a good price

We know the purchase and resale prices of all used industrial equipment because that’s our business. Since we have a vast network, we also know the expectations of resellers.

When disposing of old equipment, we understand the problems and costs you’ll have to pay. As a result, we’ll offer you a fair price for the purchase, and you’ll be happy with our support during the process.

Quick payment and efficient transportation

The moment we reach an agreement, we’ll pay you without delay. You will have cash in exchange for your obsolete equipment and can devote this cash to your next plans.

Without wasting time, we will organize transporting industrial equipment from your factory to our warehouse. This way, we can sell it quickly to other entrepreneurs who may need it and free up your commercial space.

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Fast delivery

The main advantage of buying used industrial equipment is getting it quickly. Indeed, new equipment is not always available because it must be manufactured, and it may take several months.

To get around this problem, you can order parts from our used inventory, and we will ship them to you quickly. To that end, we offer you a transportation service that delivers throughout North America.

Used is cheaper than new

When choosing your supplier, you will find that Carter-Wilson Equipement offers far lower prices than new-parts competitors. Still, the quality of our products is excellent, equivalent to more expensive choices you might have seen.

By saving on your purchase of industrial equipment, you will have a significant sum left over that you can devote to other projects. In addition, you will be more competitive because this choice will optimize your production costs and distinguish you from your competitors.


More choice than anywhere else

Carter-Wilson Equipement specializes in buying used industrial equipment. We have agents who inspect quality and expand our inventories with parts and machines of all known brands.

By contacting us, you are almost certain to find what you need in good condition, and at a better price than elsewhere.

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