How to choose a used industrial scale that meets your needs

Industrial scales are weighing instruments that are used in warehouses, jewelry stores, laboratories, bakeries and all other production facilities, in order to account the stock and keep track of the existence of certain types of goods.

Industrial scales differ from home scales in that they have been designed to withstand continuous use and large amounts of weight, some have even been designed to be used in a specific area, such as those used in laboratories. Among the main types of industrial scales are:

1- Scales with hooks 

This type of scale has an incredible capacity, as it can hold several tens of tons. The scales with hooks are used to weigh large objects; these are hung on the hook of the scale and the result of the measurement is shown on a display. These scales are widely used in vehicle repair shops and in the meat industry.

2- Pallet scale

Pallet scales are widely used in shops and warehouses, where products are stored on board platforms. Pallet scales are equipped with two elements that slide under the goods, and can cover products up to 5 meters in length. In addition to obtaining an exact measurement of the weight of the products, these scales allow the products to be moved and accommodated by means of a forklift, and have the advantage of being very resistant. 

3- Table scales

These scales are characterized by an exact degree of accuracy in measurements and for being portable. If you want to use a table scale for a larger capacity, you can just change the size of the plate.

4- Platform scales

The platform scales have a greater capacity than the table scales, since they support between 1,500 and 3,000 kilograms, and have the counting function, that is, you can program in them the weight of a screw and then place a bag full of screws and the scale will calculate, depending on the weight, how many units there are.

The platform of these scales can measure from 1 square meter to 12 square meters, making them ideal for weighing even cargo trucks.

Advantages of acquiring a used industrial scale

To speak of the acquisition of industrial scales is to refer to an asset that implies a considerable investment; therefore, if you are thinking of buying an industrial scale for your company, a good option is to acquire a used scale. Here are some of the benefits you can get.

The price: in stores specialized in distributing used industrial machinery, you can find scales in excellent condition at really affordable prices, you can save around 30-50% of the cost of a new industrial scale; in addition, used products also have a guarantee.

Waiting times and paperwork: When you buy new industrial scales, they must undergo initial verification in order to be certified. This process is cumbersome and represents a considerable loss of time from the moment you buy the scale and bring it to your business. These times and these procedures are not necessary when you buy used machinery: once you close the deal, you already have your industrial scale.

Tips for acquiring the scale you need

The environment: You should consider whether you will have your scale in a wet, dusty or dry environment. Depending on the environment in which you will be using it, the scale should have certain characteristics.

The maximum weight: another detail to keep in mind when choosing a used industrial scale is the maximum weight. If you are selling screws, nails and nuts, for example, you do not need a hook scale, a table scale or a platform scale is convenient, and if it has a built-in counting system, you get an additional benefit. If, on the other hand, you are in the meat industry, it is best to opt for a scale with a higher capacity.

Batteries or socket? There are some industrial scales that have built-in batteries. Before purchasing a scale, consider whether one with an electrical plug or one with batteries is appropriate.

The dimensions of the products to be weighed: depending on the dimensions of the products to be weighed, this is the scale plate that you should buy; this is because if the products are larger than the plate and come out of it when they are weighed, the scale does not calculate the weight of these accurately. 

Keep in mind the model: it is not a question of looking for recognized brands, but of getting a model of which you can find spare parts in the market in case it breaks down. You should make sure that you do not purchase an obsolete industrial scale model.

Calibration: When you buy a used industrial scale, make sure it is properly calibrated, so that you can guarantee reliable results. 

Now that you know what details to take into consideration for the successful purchase of a used industrial scale, you can contact us and consult the models of industrial scales that we have in stock.

At Carter-Wilson Equipment we offer used industrial machinery at competitive prices; in addition, we have an extensive network of suppliers, so if we don't have the industrial scale you need, we can get it for you. 

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