Filtration, an important step in most industrial sectors, consists of a liquid and air purification system. If you have a factory, used industrial filters will help you maintain your employees’ health and safety and protect your industrial machinery from environmental wear.

Before installing the industrial filters that will serve you, you must master the different categories and distinguish among them according to your industrial needs.

Air filters

All companies’ filtration systems, regardless of sector, have air filtration and dust removal in common. These two filtration systems are often confused because one usually involves the other. In fact, it is a question of installing a ventilation system to protect the machines and the employees by removing particles and dust from the air.

There are different types of air filters that use different air filtration systems. Filters or dust collectors filter particles through the fabric. This fabric is rather resistant and has a widescreen, depending on the type of particles to be removed. After using for a period of time, you will need to clean the fabric or change it, if it is not washable.

Electrostatic filters are air filters designed to capture particles in the air by emitting electrical charges. On one end, the particles are ionized and collected at the blades, and on the other, the clean air is released. This filtration system is one of the most efficient types because it doesn’t separate the particles and makes it possible to install an additional air filter.

Besides these air filters, you can install a wet scrubber. Filtration happens by means of water injection. This is the same method as wet powders. Cleaning may involve gas and vapors. In addition to these air filtration systems, you can use hydraulic filters for your liquids.

Hydraulic, cylindrical, and tank filters


Hydraulic filters are mainly used for protecting industrial machines. This will remove impurities from the water to allow for more efficient use of machines. This is the same system that is used to treat water that can be consumed after the removal of bacteria, metals, and chemicals.

You must distinguish between high-, medium., and low-pressure filters. The higher the pressure, the larger the equipment and the volume of liquid to be filtered is high, as well. Hydraulic filters can be a cartridge or filter bag. The bags are used as air filter fabrics. Cartridges can be removed and have a very long life.

In a different vein, you can opt for a cylindrical or tank filter for your machines. The cylindrical filter is responsible for protecting gears, machines, and fan motors. The tank filters, meanwhile, help retain particles in injection machines, such as in-car engines.

Ultimately, there are several filtration systems that are useful in the industry. You must choose from the different types of filters in order to benefit from the filtration system compatible with your machines and in your sector. Talk to our experts to learn more about industrial filters, as well as the areas where each one is used.

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