Industrial mills are machines intended to reduce the size of the elements introduced or to sort them by size and nature. Due to its high price, it is better to buy one used.

There are several suppliers of used industrial mills. All offers may seem attractive, so you must weigh several criteria to not make a bad deal.

Criteria common to all used industrial mills


Before buying a new or used industrial mill, you must consider the type of particles or products you want to grind or sort. If the material is wet, elastic, or hard; if you want to crush, sort, or reduce it entirely; or just remove impurities, each type of industrial mill will offer you a particular application.

Once you have decided on the type of mill you need, you can then do further checks. For any used industrial mill, you should check the motor, the support, and the grinding system. A used industrial mill’s engine is its primary part. If it does not work properly or is too noisy, your used industrial mill will only work for a short time.

The used industrial mill’s support is the part on which the mill is set. This part is often neglected because it doesn’t directly impact grinding. However, it is the part that is in contact with the ground, and it is therefore recommended to check that the installation is solid to avoid any accidents in use.

The mill grinder is, along with the engine, the part responsible for reducing particles. Each industrial mill has a different grinding system that should be checked out. In the grinding system, you must check the mill shield as well as the grinder. Time and particles can make the shieldless resistant or deteriorate their condition. Accidents are common when this happens.

Used industrial mill grinders


The grinding system of a used industrial mill depends on the type of mill. If it is a hammer mill, you must make sure that the rotary shaft is working properly, along with the condition of each hammer. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is necessary if you want to make a purchase that is profitable and will last.

For other types of used industrial mills, you should check the condition of the various knives and filters. In most cases, you only need to check if new filters, hammers, or knives come with the used industrial mill. If this is the case, you don’t need to check the grinders further because you will only need to replace them.

Additional criteria


Besides the criteria for choosing a used industrial mill, you must also check the brand and the price. If the used industrial mill is a good brand and the price is lower than that of a brand new industrial mill, calculate the repairs that you would need to do on the machine. This will only be a good deal if your profit is high.

In summary, before choosing your used industrial mill, follow our advice and check out all of the parts of the machine subject to wear. To make an informed purchase and to get more details on the machines selected, check with our advisors. You’ll be able to make significant profits.

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