Industrial grinders are used to refine certain products in order to achieve the desired texture. Depending on the type of grinder used, you can get coarser or finer finished products. To guide you through all the types of industrial grinders on the market, we will introduce you to each of them, along with their functions and characteristics.

The industrial hammer mill

The hammer mill is a device used to break down products into very fine particles. The hammers integrated into the grinder strike the product on the device’s screen at regular intervals. Thanks to the screen’s perforation, this device makes it possible to get a finished product approximately 2 mm thick. In addition, the particle size can go down to 20μ.

Depending on the model and settings of the industrial mill, it is possible to mill several types of elements, namely minerals, fuels, some metals, various food or pharmaceutical products, etc. It is also used by companies responsible for recycling and waste treatment. For example, they can grind green waste and all types of garbage. Only non-degradable waste, such as plastics, can be crushed.

The industrial roller mill

This type of industrial mill makes primary grinding possible. At the end of the operation, the finished product is rather coarse. The apparatus consists of two cylinders that mill the product. Depending on the nature and type of grinding you want, you can add teeth to the cylinders or keep them totally smooth. You can also control the speed of rotation.

One advantage of this industrial mill is that during operation, very little dust is emitted. Another advantage of the roller mill is that it is robust. Unlike other industrial mills, your roller mill will not suffer any damage, even if you insert foreign bodies that cannot be milled.

The lump breaker

This industrial crusher makes it possible to break down several types of products that are compact, fat, or fibrous. The machine has several blades fixed on its rotors. To use this crusher, you simply insert clumps, along with water. The blades will separate the different clumps, resulting in a new product that can be used.

The crusher

As the name suggests, this industrial grinder can crush a product, regardless of its consistency. The machine is generally used to crush rocks, stones, or any other hard product of that sort. The operation results in gravel, loose stones, and even very fine particles like sand or dust.

The crusher is composed of two parallel surfaces. You will need to insert the product between the two surfaces to grind it. By using a set amount of force, the two surfaces will come closer and strike the product. This is how the products are broken down to obtain a much finer product.

In this category of grinder, you can choose from:

-the jaw crusher

-the gyratory crusher

-the cone crusher

-the impact crusher

You now know everything you need to know about the different types of industrial grinders on the market. You can choose one that suits your specific needs. If you do need more information, we are willing to guide you; contact us right away

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