Vibrating screens are used to help effectively remove oversized solid particles or foreign matter in various industries such as pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical, electronics and food.


In this article, we will explain what an industrial vibrating screen is, as well as its various uses and functions.


What exactly is the industrial vibrating screen?

A vibrating screen is a type of screen that uses vibration to sort out granular materials. It also plays an important role in homogenizing particle size.


Vibrating screens are circular in shape and are used to classify and separate materials from each other. Rather than relying on gravity to separate material by size, a vibrating screen relies on the amplitude and frequency of the vibration to separate particles.


The geometry, material and operating frequency of the sieve are selected according to their respective processes in order to achieve the appropriate separation characteristics.


Technical characteristics of industrial vibrating screens


Separation by vibration


An industrial vibrating screen is an electronic screen that uses a combination of mechanical and electrical forces to separate large portions of material from smaller ones.


This allows for quick and easy separation at any point in the production process. The higher the frequency of vibration, the more efficient and effective the vibrating screen.


Thus, industrial vibrating screens can be used to separate large from small material particles, as well as solids from liquids.

Centrifugal force


The used industrial vibrating screen works on the principle of centrifugal force. The vibrating sieve consists of a motor, a motor drive, an eccentric weight, a centrifugal wheel and a sieve trough.


The motor drives the eccentric weight in rotation, which makes the disc vibrate back and forth. At this time, the vibration causes the coarse particles of the feed material to leave on the sieve plate while the fine particles can pass through the holes of the sieve into the collection bin after rolling with its inertia.


Types of sieving


The industrial used vibrating screen is a screening machine, with mainly two different functions: coarse screening and fine grading.


The coarse screening removes the impurities that can be physically removed by the large particles of the feed material of a certain size and separates them from the smaller particles.


Which industries can benefit from a used shaker screen?

Vibrating screens are used in all industries and sectors. As a result, they are found everywhere from chemical plants to pharmaceutical companies to mines to livestock farms.


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