The price of industrial equipment is often quite high, which leaves you to worry about the cost of their repairs. According to the opinion of some professionals, the parts of second-hand industrial equipment could be interchanged. Myth or reality? Read on to find out.

The possibility of swapping parts between your industrial equipment

There is a rumor in the industry that industrial equipment parts are interchangeable. In other words, when one of your machines breaks down, you could change its parts for those of a machine of a completely different brand. This rumor is founded and verified. This dates back several years and the reasons vary depending on each type of machine.

The pieces of equipment whose parts are, indeed, interchangeable are lobe pumps and industrial sieves. Lobe pumps are mainly used to move liquids from one tank to another but also to mix various solutions. Industrial sieves are used to remove impurities in a production line and to sort or classify products by their material type or size.

Lobe pump parts are interchangeable. Indeed, when lobe pumps were not yet democratized, only the Waukesha company owned the patent. In this case, no other company could create lobe pumps. However, the Waukesha Company's patent ran out, and so, the newly named SPX Company had several competitors.

The new company SPX, which owns the brands Waukesha, Fahrenheat, and many others, is no longer the only one producing rotary lobe pumps. When other brands of industrial equipment started production, they mostly used the same fabrication processes as the SPX company.

For this reason, lobe pumps are almost all similar. Therefore, most of the rotary lobe pumps you have in your business, have interchangeable parts, regardless of their brand differences. In particular, you can change parts between rotary lobe pumps from SPX, Waukesha, Ampco, and Wrightflow (Viking).

Other second-hand equipment that has interchangeable parts

Several brands offer industrial sieves. You can opt for industrial sieves of the Sweco brand, or those of the Kason brand, or even the second-hand Virto industrial sieves. Regardless of the brand of sieve you choose, the parts of these brands will be interchangeable. So you can opt for a Sweco sieve and change a part obtained from a Kason sieve.

If this information is so important, it’s because it involves monetary savings and waste reduction. On the one hand, you will no longer have an arduous search for repair parts from one particular brand to carry out your repairs. This will lower your costs. On the other hand, you will avoid waste by choosing to repair rather than replace the broken-down machine.


Between particular brands, the parts of their lobe pumps and those of their industrial sieves are interchangeable. Contact us to learn more about second-hand industrial equipment that will guarantee easy part changes.


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