A raw material frequently used in Canada's food industry, maple can be used to produce a multitude of different finished products. If you too want to start processing maple, you must have the industrial equipment to do so. Here is an overview of used industrial equipment useful for the transformation of maple products.

The different maple products

Since 1965, the maple leaf has been part of Canada's flag, a sign of its importance in the country's culture. It is a great food resource that can help you make a great entrance into the industrial world. With the different variants of maple, you can obtain popular products like maple syrup, maple butter and maple taffy.

Apart from these products, which are very popular in Quebec, you can also try your hand at transforming maple sugar into different variants of maple sugar. Indeed, the sugar can be produced in different granulometries, to be used in ordinary recipes. It can also be formed into a compact block for sale, which must then be grated before use.

The most used equipment

The most popular product obtained from maple is maple syrup. It will be used as a base for other products. The maple syrup is obtained by transforming the maple water into syrup. The water is stored in a used industrial tank and directed by pumps to be heated and transformed into syrup. The heat exchanger allows to reach the desired temperature for about 70% of sugar.

To obtain maple butter or maple taffy, the maple syrup must be processed. It is in these cases that the heat exchanger can still be used. The syrup is heated and then cooled quickly to obtain butter and it is heated and poured on ice to obtain taffy. The transformation of the syrup also allows to obtain maple flakes.

Once dehydrated, the maple syrup is sifted and mixed to give flakes. Thanks to the used industrial sieve, the heated and cooled maple syrup allows to obtain sugar crystals with precise sizes according to the desired granulometry. From the maple syrup, with the right equipment, you can then obtain all these different maple products. You can go even further.



Other maple transformation processes

Apart from all these products obtained after the production of maple syrup, you can also obtain other special products with maple water, such as maple alcohol or different maple-based liqueurs. You will need a used industrial mixer to be able to get the different flavors you want. The basis of all this will obviously be the fermentation of the maple water.

Moreover, with the same used equipment, you can also obtain maple vinegar. More precise transformations of maple sap or maple leaves will allow you with a used industrial mixer to obtain local products such as salad dressing, mustard or maple jam.


If you want to start industrial maple processing, you must have used equipment to process the maple products you want to market. Contact us to obtain the used equipment you need.

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