Since the first signs of the pandemic, the food industry in Quebec has been facing a general price increase. To acquire your industrial equipment, you need to successfully work around these supply challenges. Read on to understand the impact of the pandemic on the cost of food industry equipment, as well as ways to get through it.

Challenges to the supply chain

For several months, the world has been facing an unprecedented health crisis. If the consequences of the coronavirus on health are serious, its consequences on the economy are also indisputable. Due to the numerous measures taken by the different States to slow down the progression of the virus on their soils, the supply chains of the equipment have been impacted.

Indeed, since the arrival of the virus, each government has taken measures to slow the spread internally, such as the obligation to wear a mask in public, and transmission from outside. For this reason, the international relations have suffered, as well as the companies living of its relations. On the one hand, the closure of borders has led to a decrease in imports of materials.

On the other hand, the various sanitary confinements have led to the cessation of activity of several companies and the laying off of several employees, resulting in a significant decrease in the workforce. The direct consequence of this is a failure in the normal production circuit, as well as a slowdown in the distribution of industrial equipment.

The consequences on the prices of new equipment

Faced with these supply difficulties, new industrial equipment that could be used in the food industry has become difficult to acquire. On the one hand, they have become scarce and then, the waiting time from the order to the acquisition has become longer than usual. If you want to buy new machines for your company, you have to be patient.

On the other hand, the scarcity of equipment has led to higher prices. When demand is no longer strong, prices drop. However, faced with strong demand and a lack of means to meet this demand, supply becomes selective and prices soar. These are the immediate consequences of the pandemic on industrial equipment for the food industry.


The advantages of used industrial equipment

To get around these various difficulties, you can turn to used equipment. These are not subject to the constraints of new equipment. The equipment generally used is used for washing, cutting, separating and packaging. For example, you may need a used industrial tank for cleaning and packaging.

You will use a used industrial filter to separate, and then a used industrial mill for cutting.

 You can also use a blender for processing. By circumventing the risks, you can afford to buy a used industrial screen without fearing the wait caused by the closing of the borders. Used appliances are already available and are waiting for your orders.

If you are looking to purchase a used industrial mixers or blenders, simply turn to used equipment. This equipment is less expensive than the new ones and does not fall victim to the lack of materials and labor related to the coronavirus. With this stability, you can get the used heat exchanger that you want.

To bypass the effects of COVID-19 on the food industry equipment supply chain, simply opt for used equipment. Contact us to receive the best advice on how to equip yourself effectively.

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