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What are the different types of industrial filters?
Calendar icon01 December at 08:12PM
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Filtration, an important step in most industrial sectors, consists of a liquid and air purification system. If you have a factory, used industrial filters will help you maintain your employees’ health and safety and protect your industrial machinery from environmental wear.   Before installing the industrial filters that will serve you, you must master the different categories and distinguish among them according to your industrial needs. […]

What should be inspected when buying a used industrial mill?
Calendar icon01 December at 08:10PM
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Industrial mills are machines intended to reduce the size of the elements introduced or to sort them by size and nature. Due to its high price, it is better to buy one used.   There are several suppliers of used industrial mills. All offers may seem attractive, so you must weigh several criteria to not make a bad deal. […]

Parts to check for when purchasing a used industrial pump
Calendar icon21 October at 10:40AM
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As with all industrial machines, buying an industrial pump can be a significant investment for your company. To avoid any financial difficulties, you can find used industrial pumps on the market. The fact that they aren’t new can be a source of worry and hesitation. To be sure you are getting a good deal, simply check out a few key points that you can learn about in this guide. […]

What are the different types of industrial grinders?
Calendar icon21 October at 10:00AM
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Industrial grinders are used to refine certain products in order to achieve the desired texture. Depending on the type of grinder used, you can get coarser or finer finished products. To guide you through all the types of industrial grinders on the market, we will introduce you to each of them, along with their functions and characteristics. […]

What types of industrial filters meet your needs?
Calendar icon09 June at 05:07PM
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Industrial filters are devices used to separate different materials, often mixtures that are between solid and liquid states. They can also be used in ventilation systems to purify the air or to protect components. Choosing the industrial filter that suits your needs will be based on the concentration density of the mixture to be filtered, as well as the quality of the device. For this, we recommend choosing from our used industrial equipment that is compatible with all sorts of mixtures, whether low concentration, medium concentration or highly concentrated. […]

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