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Which used equipment should your buy for industrial cannabis production?

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Which used equipment should your buy for industrial cannabis production?

Cannabis undergoes multiple transformations, from culture to different products sold to the public. Depending on the task, the component to be used, and the industry, you can work with various used equipment. To learn more about  all of the equipment needed in industrial cannabis production and their specific uses, read this article.

From cannabis plant to finished product

Cannabis and hemp plants have many uses and multiple destinations. For this reason, it can be difficult to establish a single life cycle. After harvesting comes defibration, the process of separating the fibers of the hemp seed, as well as the refining the fibers and sorting out the different components of the cannabis and the harvested hemp. These are:

  • Hemp seed (seed)
  • Fibers (the bark of the plant)
  • Shive (the central part of the stem)
  • Flowers and leaves

Each of these parts is processed by different industrial machines for use in various industries. Before selling the different components, you can opt for long-term preservation, which is achieved by using a vacuum packaging machine to protect them from air and light.

The different uses of industrial cannabis

To understand the functions of the various pieces of industrial equipment needed in the cannabis industry, we must put them in context.

The cannabis wire or canvas

To extract cannabis, you have to separate the wood and the fibers. After immersing the sheaves in basins or retting (that is, controlled exposure to rain and dew), the next step is to dry the rotting plant that results. It is this dried product that is ground with a second-hand cannabis grinder to soften the tow and remove bits of straw. The product is then tapered and woven.

Cannabis oil

If it is possible to consume the raw seeds, it is also possible to transform them into an oil. Cannabis oil is obtained from the plant, the dried leaves, or the dried seeds. It is a question of extracting the product after adding organic solvents. With the help of a used industrial mill, you can extract the mixture, a solid that you can reuse.

You will need to distill the product using a pressurized stainless steel tank. When intended for medical purposes, the product is stored in heating tanks, which activate the useful substances it contains. Then, the cannabis goes through an extraction machine that uses carbon dioxide to obtain a liquid that will be added to another oil, before being sold in capsules or bottles.

Industrial kief

The cannabis flower is used for producing kief. Cannabinoids are collected by sieving, and they are the active substance found in the trichomes  from cannabis flowers. For recovering large quantities, opt for a used industrial screen or a used drum filter. With this equipment, you can have automated resin recovery.

Cannabis tinctures and edibles

To make cannabis tinctures and edibles, you just have to follow the same instructions as for obtaining medical oil. Note that high-pressure alcohol will be added to the plant before being put through a used industrial sieve. You can use dietary ethyl alcohol in this process.


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