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Industrial machines: safety standards and how to apply them
Calendar icon24 October at 08:35AM
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Whether you are an employer or a worker, you have an obligation to adhere to industrial machine safety standards. As a worker, your job is mainly to participate in the identification and control of hazards and take the necessary measures to protect yourself. You should also know your rights as far as refusing unsafe work and receiving proper training. […]

Heavy equipment transport: what precautions should be taken?
Calendar icon08 May at 12:00AM
User iconL'équipe
Heavy equipment transport: what precautions should be taken?

Purchasing used process equipment can be an incredible investment, that is, if your heavy equipment transport goes according to plan. Otherwise, even the savings you made by buying second hand will be lost when your new piece of equipment arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all. Taking the right precautions at the transportation stage is important. […]

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