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What are the industrial applications of the heat exchanger?
Calendar icon28 July at 08:19AM
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A heat exchanger is an important device, designed to transfer heat between two different mediums. And with many varieties of heat exchangers available, there are also many potential heat exchanger industrial applications. For example, an air cooled heat exchanger would be used for applications where there isn’t a permanent source of cool water, such as in automobiles. A shell and tube heat exchanger, on the other hand, transfers heat via conduction, using both both liquid and air to achieve the desired result. Compact plate heat exchangers are often used in food processing.   […]

How to measure the efficiency of a heat exchanger
Calendar icon15 June at 12:00AM
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As a science, thermodynamics is concerned with the association between temperature and heat, and work and energy. Although this concept is not so simple to describe in brief, it incorporates a tenet which states that a hundred percent efficiency cannot be attained in the actual world. It is for this reason that it becomes important to increase heat exchanger efficiency to its maximum potential in order to save on energy costs. […]

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