Industrial filters are devices used to separate different materials, often mixtures that are between solid and liquid states. They can also be used in ventilation systems to purify the air or to protect components.

Choosing the industrial filter that suits your needs will be based on the concentration density of the mixture to be filtered, as well as the quality of the device. For this, we recommend choosing from our used industrial equipment that is compatible with all sorts of mixtures, whether low concentration, medium concentration or highly concentrated.

Filters for high concentrations

To filter highly concentrated mixtures with a high degree of impurities, you may choose between filter presses and rotary filters. The filter press is a device that consists of trays and frames that filters fluids under pressure. The mixture to be filtered here called the cake, is positioned between the different filter cloths.

The press, which is the device responsible for pressing, pushes the cake between the canvases. As this is a press system, using the device requires a skilled workforce. The latest models of filter presses, however, have an automatic system where the cake is between the canvases.

It is this search for automation that pushes some to opt for rotary filters. The rotary filter, which is made up of drums and several filtration zones, allows for fast, automated purification. It is responsible for washing, spinning, drying and taking off the cake, with the possibility of recovering the liquid or dry matter.

Rotary filters are continuous filtration systems, as detailed on Wikipedia. These filters are often used in the mining industry and in industrial water purification. They can also be used in the food industry.

Filters for medium concentrations

Filters for medium concentrations are always used in the food industry, but for medium concentrated cakes, or liquids with medium impurities, you can find basket filters and clarifier filters. These filters target and remove coarser impurities in all types of mixtures, such as impurities in oil or paint.

Basket filters consist of baskets that must be cleaned by hand. Because of its simplicity, using it does not require manual intervention, except for apparatus maintenance or possible stripping. Slat filters have a system based on thin discs that are useful for filtering large quantities, without the need for maintenance.

Filters for low concentrations

For the lowest level of filtering, there are cartridge filters. Designed for very low-pollution liquids, these filters are also used for pool cleaning. The cartridges can be vegetable or synthetic, which allows their resistances to be weak enough for high densities. These automatic filters are the least resistant and the least expensive.

The best selection of filters

Whether you want to filter more or less impure mixtures, small or large quantities, you will benefit from choosing your filter from our used industrial equipment. You will find reliable devices at low prices. You can also contact us with any questions and get tips for using them.

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