Description: Buying used industrial equipment requires some thought to keep from going wrong. This article will help you gain clarity.

When deciding to buy used industrial equipment, it is best to take the time to evaluate certain criteria that will allow you to be sure you are making the right choice. To do so, here is a list of points that will guide you in your decision process.

Why used instead of new?

If you are thinking of buying used industrial equipment, take the time to understand the features you need. As stated by the Business Development Bank of Canada, the purpose of used equipment is not just saving money, but also finding what is best for you, at a better price.

In order to do that, you will have to do a total assessment of your needs and treat them with all the seriousness of an investment. Indeed, what good does it do to take steps toward buying used if the savings come with problems that will require your attention in the short term? You'd better measure the amount of time that the desired equipment will take in your production process and then calculate the opportunity cost of new versus used.

At Carter-Wilson Equipment, we believe that our selection of used industrial equipment is a particular field where parts can serve for many years. When we add equipment to our available inventory, we are certain that it will keep that promise.

Life Cycle and Condition

How much used equipment are you interested in? Beyond the wear of the machine, how old is it? How many hours was it used? Is its technology viable enough over a life cycle for your projects?

Also, it is important to make sure that all relevant parts and software are included in purchase and delivery since you want functional hardware. Used equipment vendors are not all aware of these prerequisites, so trust your expertise and ask for details.

In the same vein, make sure your provider gives you past maintenance notes. These notes will provide you with the modifications, repairs and recurring problems your machine has experienced in its previous life. If the equipment seems to be compromised, you will be informed and can find an alternative.

All of these issues are important and should be discussed with a representative.


Not all used industrial equipment companies offer a delivery service. Some will ask you to do the transport leasing yourself, whether by a third party or your team.

At Carter-Wilson Equipment, we provide transportation for all our customers. This way, you do not have to worry about logistical details, and you can keep your profitable operations running.

Once the equipment is delivered to your place of business, you will be able to carry out visual and manual inspection to confirm that everything meets your expectations. In addition, you must inspect the condition of the device delivered to you, in order to know the specific weaknesses, damage, or wear that could cause future problems. At Carter-Wilson Equipment, we do all of that, but we encourage you to check for yourself. That way, you will find that you chose well by trusting us.

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