Industrial equipment for confectionery production is labor intensive to ensure a high level of production. For candy manufacturing, several accessories are needed.


Discover in this article the industrial equipment essential to the manufacture of your favorite confectionery!



A used industrial mixer to make your confectionery


The industrial mixer is at the heart of the process. It can mix ingredients, knead dough or thicken mixtures. It is compatible with a variety of attachments, making it adaptable to almost any type of mix you might want to produce.


The stand is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the height by adding a foot so you can get a comfortable fit.

The industrial mixer: reminder of the basics


Definition of an industrial mixer


The industrial candy mixer is a friction motor that rotates slowly in a cooling water bath. As the rotor rotates, it drives a worm gear on an internal shaft that crosses another worm gear.


These two worm gears are mounted on parallel axes and, as they turn, they rotate two small steel rollers at high speed.


The small rollers are placed diagonally to the main axis so as to chop the sugar or chocolate in their path into very small pieces. Candy mixers are vertical reciprocating industrial mixers that use a screw type helical barrel.


The number of revolutions/min


The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) depends on the shape of the barrel and the ingredients to be mixed. The ingredients must be dry or mixed with a syrup or liquid that has been cooked to avoid damage to the machine.


Sometimes the ingredients are sprayed directly onto the moving drum and then mixed with other ingredients.




The industrial candy mixer therefore works by continuously adding small amounts of chocolate and other ingredients as the machine mixes the ingredients.


This mixture is then taken out of the machine and placed on a series of curved metal paddles, which knead and stretch the material until it has the desired consistency.

Besides an industrial mixer, what other equipment do you need?


The equipment needed to make candy is not difficult to find. The materials needed vary depending on the type of product being made. Some candies require several pieces of specialized equipment.

Useful equipment in addition to the used industrial mixer:


-          A baking sheet,

-          A stirring spoon, and a heat-resistant spatula are needed for boiling, stirring, and scraping the sides of the pan.

-          Candy thermometers are used to ensure the correct temperature during cooking.

-          Other specialty items include hot plates, strainers and pouring molds to cool and set your candy production.


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