The national holiday is fast approaching and with it, the evenings of good drinking. For these celebrations where wine and spirits tasting will still be part of the habits, you can take advantage of the high demands to start making these very popular liquors. Read here about the used industrial equipment used for the production of these popular drinks.

From raw materials to the factory

Depending on the drink you want to make, you can choose different fruits and grains. The taste, content or aroma will depend on your choice. In any case, for wine, you can only use grapes. Black grapes are the most used, but white grapes can also be used for the production of certain types of white wine.

For liqueurs, you can choose wheat, barley, corn or rye. These high-carbohydrate grains are the most commonly used in Quebec. Depending on whether you want more or less flavor, you will opt for rye, which is known to give an appreciated taste for whiskey. For beer, barley is the most used. You can also use other cereals such as wheat and oats.

Steps common to all beverages

For the production of these beverages, certain steps are essential and are similar with a few variations. These are the grinding, fermentation and refining stages. Industrial equipment that can be used in these steps are used heat exchangers, filters, mixers, centrifugal pumps, and of course, double-walled tanks.

For the wine, you will have to proceed to the crushing, crushing and pressing of the grapes with or without machine, according to your convenience. The use of the feet in a barrel has given way to mechanical pressing. Very quickly, after crushing and pressing, the quantity of grapes will be transformed into must. It is practically the same for spirits.

For spirits such as whiskey, the barley grains are soaked and dried to obtain the malt which will then be ground and put into a mash tun. It is at this stage that the used industrial mixer will allow the addition of hot water to the mash to obtain the wort. The wort is also obtained for the beer after brewing. It will then be transferred to a boiling tank.

Specific steps for certain spirits

Depending on whether it is a liquor or a beer, the wort will be fermented for a certain period of time. For whiskey, you will use the centrifugal pumps to run the wort through different tanks and the heat exchanger for the desired fermentation. Once stored in the double-walled tank, you can add yeast for refining beer and spirits.

For wine, as for beer, you will need to use a used industrial filter to go through an ideal refining process. The wine and beer will be stripped of all impurities and then bottled. However, for some winemakers, the clarified wine must be aged before bottling. The aging will be done in a stainless steel tank.

This used industrial equipment is useful for the manufacture of beverages enjoyed during festive times. Contact us to place your order if you are interested in entering the wine and spirits manufacturing industry.

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